So Yeah, There Was This Tornado

Uh, yeah, seriously. A Tornado. Two of them, if you want to get technical.

I know it was two months ago, but I’m just now approaching normal. Granted, my normal is a pretty fluid place found somewhere between psychotic and passive aggressive but I can almost see it from here.

Yeah, I’m OK — or did you think I was posting this from the great beyond? Just to get it out of the way: Wife and Daughter are unhurt (Son lives with his mom in another city).

I weathered the thing at the underpass at I-35 and Indian Hills Road¬†trapped in between 3 tractor trailers while the thing passed in front of us. It was the most terrifying 10 minutes of my life. Not the tornado, mind you. Not knowing if the thing it my house where my wife and daughter were crouched inside of a closet. The 10 minutes were spent trapped there, trying to get around the semi’s while staring at the last text from my wife before it hit, sending text after text to her in hopes she would respond.

Insane. That’s the only word for it.

I don’t want to whine about it or give you the whole “woe is me” bullshit — There are a great number of people much worse off than I am and I feel for them. My life is a bowl of friggin’ kittens compared to some people. I can’t imagine being a husband left to raise a child on his own while morning another. Those people need your support, not me, so, um, uh. Huh?

Crap, I had a point in there somewhere.

The point is that after 3 weeks in a dorm room ( thanks for the place to shack up, University of Oklahoma ), a month of limbo and fighting with insurance and mortgage companies, and a month of seedy, irresponsible and just plain MIA contractors, my brain is beginning to work again. That translates to me starting to write, trying to remember where the hell I was on building the sandbox, reviewing the code on the TRPG game and finding it lacking for the directions I need, and starting to try to be social again.

I’ve still got a ton of work to do before my home is back to normal, but if I have time where I’m not building stuff for my employer, repairing the house, supervising contractors or playing with the family, I’ll be on projects again.

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